Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Armelor Square

Important objectives of this street:
Armelor Square

Old names:

1872 Zeughofplatz
1934 Pţa Armelor
1947 Armata Poporului
1948 F. Dostoievski
1970 Pţa Armelor

Armelor Square

No. 1, Armelor Square

first quarter of the 20th century
House on one level located at the beginning of Panzarilor Street with a narrow front to the square, and four windows with filled shutters to the street.
the ridge parallel to the facade.

During the period when he was a student at the School of Sibiu, Octavian Goga lived here.

Armelor Square

No. 7, Armelor Square

Ground floor and floor building with a symmetrical facade; Six windows with traditional joinery and slats shutter. Ridged roof, the ridge parallel to the facade, one big rectangular covered skylight.

Armelor Square

No. 9, Armelor Square

18th century
The complex is formed by six different buildings united in the shape of the letter U. One of the buildings includes the remains of a medieval defence tower. The building on Aleea Filozofilor is linked to the ones facing towards Piața Armelor (the old Kempel Barracks) by walls curved in plan indicating that they probably were part of the medieval town fortifications. The gable which is visible from Tribunei st is a modified medieval gable. The buildings have saddle roofs and Baroque high chimneys (XVIIIth century).

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