Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Aurarilor Square

Important objectives of this street:
Aurarilor Square

Old names:

1496 Beym Fingerlingsprunn
1637 Unter der Fingerlisstreppen
1872 Fingerlingsplatz
1947 P-ţa I.C. Frimu
1970 P-ţa Aurarilor

Aurarilor Square

No. 1, Aurarilor Square

Second quarter of XVth century; 1567.
Building with ground and first floor, situated on the abrupt slope descending towards Piaţa Aurarilor. The façade towards the stairs was modernized. The walls of the house are reinforced with an arcade at the base of the tower with cross-vaulted passageway towards Piața Mică. In the lower part the wall of the building is supported by a flying buttress.

Aurarilor Square

No. 2, Aurarilor Square

XVth century - 1567; fourth quarter of  XIXth century.
Building with basement,ground floor and mansard situated on the descending slope of Scara Aurarilor (Goldsmiths’ Stairs). Ground floor with door and five windows with exterior wooden panel shutters. Saddle roof with low pitch.
Wall fragments dating back from the XVth century.

Aurarilor Square

No. 5, Aurarilor Square

sec. XVI; XVIII.
Rural type house with half hip gable, half hipped roof, chimney with metal wind cap. In the backyard wall on the left side one can still see a fragment of the ramparts with six rounded merlons from the 3rd ring of fortifications. On the right side one can see the ground floor of the square section defence tower with three levels which has been given housing function and has has become part of the house at Piaţa Mică no 23; the acces into the ground floor of the tower is made from this courtyard.


Georg Schoenpflug von Gambsenberg @ 04/04/2015, 14:14
Corrigenda la textul de mai sus:
"2. 1496 Sept. 26-28, SE REPARA FANTANA, existenta de mai inainte."
citeste si scrie:
2. 1496 Sept. 26-28, SE PLATESTE REPARATIA deFANTANA, fantana existenta de mai inainte."

si aici dau mai exact sursa:
Controlati cu,/Forum/Sibiul Vechi/ Rechnungen Hermannstadt I. (complet scanata cartea).

20. Hermannstädter und Siebenrichter-Rechnung aus dem Jahr 1496
Socoteala Hermannstadt si de 7-Judecatori din anul 1496
(Bürgemeister Georgius Sartorius)
Geor Schoenpflug von Gambsenberg @ 04/04/2015, 13:48
"Din 1496 aici se găsea o fântână cu ţevi."
1. In document NU se specifica clar ce fel de fantana, dar STIM ca era o fantana-de-aductiune, nu de extractie.
2. 1496 Sept. 26-28, SE REPARA FANTANA, existenta de mai inainte.

-Rechnungen Hermannstadt I_Caput 20.(Registru:S.150) (Cartea:) Rechnungen: S.125-Siebenrichter-Rechnung-1496-26 Sept.-28 Sept. -Bürgermeister Georgius Sartorius:

-"Item super reformatione fontis Fyngerlinxprwnn dedit dominus magister civium [GeorgiusSartorius (n.n.G.Sch.v.G.)] de comissione dominorum civium fl. 8." (S.150 din Registru, nu din carte).

Controlati cu,/Forum/Sibiul Vechi/ Rechnungen Hermannstadt I. (complet scanata cartea).
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