Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Faurului Street

Important objectives of this street:
Faurului Street

Old names:
1751 Schmidtgasse

Here were three shops of the smitheries (here comes the name from). Nearby ’’The Asylum”, since the 14th century there was a bathhouse which had a bathtub later on and which was warmed by a huge brick stove. The bath used the water from ’’Kempel” Lake.
Two of the buildings have certain medieval elements from the 15th-17th centuries.

Strada Faurului

No. 5, Faurului Street

20th century
The building has the entrance on the right side, two bow-windows on the upper floor and an axle gable which crosses the mansard roof with the comb parallel to the street and two high skylights. Above the upper floor’s windows there are vegetal garlands ornaments and on the ground floor there are string courses and stucco.

Strada Faurului

No. 8, Faurului Street

15th-16th century; 18th century
A rectangular building with the facade towards the street, four axes on the upper floor and five on the ground floor. A high ridged roof, the comb parallel to the facade, two eye skylights, old funnel. The presence of thick walls and the framing of oak cross-beams pleads for a 15th-16th centuries dating with some changes in the 18th century.

Strada Faurului

No. 18, Faurului Street

15th century; 18th-19th century
Two of the five aisles of the building have the shorter side on ’’Ocnei” Street. A ridged roof and two skylights. The bow arched gate is near the bricking enclosure on the right side of the aisle from ’’Faurului” Street.

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