Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Konrad Haas Street

Important objectives of this street:
Konrad Haas Street

Old names:

1653 Unter’m Hunsruck
1657 Unter dem Johannesrucken
1751 Unter dem Hundsrucken
1872 Pochengasse
1947 str 13 decembrie
1990 K Haas

Konrad Haas Street

Konrad Haas 4

Second half of XVIIIth century.
House with basement and ground floor, façade on six window axs. The windows still have the ancient wide enframing. High saddle roof with two eyebrow dormers.

Konrad Haas Street

Konrad Haas 9

XVIIth – XVIIIth century; XIXth century.
Building with three rectangular wings in the shape of letter U with unequal sides. Towards the street the shorter side of the U is continued by a enclosure wall with gate protected by tiles. The street façade has three windows  with Baroque- style enframings. Hip to hip roof on the street wing with ridge parallel to the street and an eyebrow dormer. Shed roof on the other wings of the building.

Konrad Haas Street

Konrad Haas 20

XVth – XVIth century; XIXth century
The building is not close to the street and the shorter side is towards ’’Armelor” Square with a high triangular Gothic gable and three narrow gaps in a triangular form. There is a two ridged  high roof.

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