Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Magheru Street

Important objectives of this street:
Magheru Street

Old names:

1507 Sporergasse
partea de jos se numea Kleine Salzgasse, 1873-1929  Bahngasse.
1929 Regele Carol ÎI (Konig Karlgasse)
1934 Str Pintenului
1947 Str Regele Mihai schimbat imediat în VM Molotov
1970 gen Magheru

Strada General Magheru

No. 16, Gen. Magheru Street

18th century

The building is formed of a basement, a ground floor and the first floor, its façade being structured on three lines. It has a profiled gutter and a ridged roof with a crest parallel to the façade, displaying two eye-shaped skylights.

Strada General Magheru

No. 32, Gen. Magheru Street

The rural type building has a high foundation on which we find  two wide windows and a central door leading to the basement.

Strada General Magheru

No. 33, Gen. Magheru Street

the end of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century

The facade is organized on five axes, the rectangular  pedestrian access  is placed centrally, a wooden folding door. The windows have plaster framing, wide and curved at the top. Ridged roof,with the ridge parallel to the facade, two eye skylights.

Strada General Magheru

No. 45, Gen. Magheru Street

18th century, 1891-1909

The facade is structured on five axes, four windows with shutters with adjustable slats and a spacious arch gate corridor; the protuberant eaves is supported by a frieze of brackets. Attic, ridged roof, with three eye skylights.

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