Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Mitropoliei Street

Important objectives of this street:
Mitropoliei Street

Old names:

1751 Fleischergasse
1915-1919 Gewehrgasse
1919 Mitropoliei
1948 1 mai
1990 Mitropoliei

The current Mitropoliei Street, among the oldest in town, was formed together with the 3rd precinct of fortification, first being mentioned in documents under the name of ‘platea carnificum’ in 1494. Since 1751 it is called Fleischergasse and since 1919 has the current name of Mitropoliei.
In the communistic period it was called 1 Mai Street.
In 1743 a pipe fountain is being placed in front of the no.19 house.
In 1869 the street is extended by breaking through the defense wall, up to Saguna Street; the segment from the park to Saguna was called Pasaj Cristea (Durchbruchgasse)
It is the only street in the world where there are three churches belonging to three different religions: Orthodox, Reformed and Evangelical.

Strada Mitropoliei

No. 5, Mitropoliei Street

the end of the 19th century
Basement, ground floor and upper floor  house. The facade is structured on four axes upstairs,with grooved framing, central badge and right cornice. Wide eaves, ridged roof, two eye skylights.

There were trading estates on the ground floor since the end of the 19th ccentury, a bakery at first, and in the interwar period  a delicacies shop.

Strada Mitropoliei

No. 23, Mitropoliei Street

16th century, 18th century
Building formed of more unified wings which form an enclosure. The street wing,which is the oldest part of the building, has a five axes facade upstairs with a central rectangular access gateway. The ridged roof, with the ridge parallel to the facade, has a wide eaves and two eye skylights. The corridor is barrel vaulted, and the great room on the left is cross-vaulted.

The facade with the windows framing surmounted by semicircular rears or triangular gables and parapets decorated with vegetal motifs

Strada Mitropoliei

No. 31, Mitropoliei Street

16th-17th century, 18th century
Basement, ground floor and upper floor house, with four windows with simple framing and borderes in front of the balustrades. High, three ridged roof, with the ridge parallel to the main facade, displays two high, ridged skylights.


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Bună ziua! Nu vă recomand să folosiți superlative! În Cluj-Napoca există o stradă cu 4 biserici aparținând de 4 culte diferite. B-dul 21 Dec: Bis. Evanghelică, Bis. Unitariană, Bis. Reformată, Bis. Catolică
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