Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Al. Odobescu Street

Important objectives of this street:
Al. Odobescu Street

Old names:

1639 Unter der Schulen
1853 Unter dem Rathaus
1870 Unter dem Johannisreg
1972 Pempflingergasse
1934 str Pempflinger
1947 Al Odobescu

Al. Odobescu Street

No. 3, Al. Odobescu Street

18th century
Basement, ground and upper floor building. The windows have wide frames.
The two ridged roof with the comb parallel to the facade has two eye skylights.

Al. Odobescu Street

No. 5, Al. Odobescu Street

second half of the 18th century
A buiding with two aisles on a rectangular parcel. The aisle on the corner of „Cojocarilor” Street has a rural style, a trapezoidal gable, two ridged roof and two eye skylights.
The right side end of the second aisle is blunted, parallel to the street and continuing with the bricking enclosure, protected by a rectangular gate.

Al. Odobescu Street

The “Gong” Theatre

The “Gong” Theatre was built in 1937 by the architect Ernst Sontag in order to stand for a sport hall.
Since 1946 here was “Victoria” Cinema, called “Tineretului” later.
Since the 21st of December 1949 on the upper floor there is The Animation Theatre “Licurici” which becomes the owner of the building a year later. Since 1997 its name changes into The “Gong” Theatre.

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