Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Plopilor Street

Important objectives of this street:
Plopilor Street

Old names:

1486 Scheyffbaum
1771 Auf dm Schiff Baum Gasse

Strada Plopilor

No. 9, Plopilor Street

18th century

One level, rural building, displays two windows towards the street. The ridged roof has the ridge perpendicular to the facade.

Gundhardt & Frank’s lingerie factory (during the inter-war period) which moved from Faurului Street.

Strada Plopilor

No. 17, Plopilor Street

18th century

Ground floor and upper floor building. The semicircular gable of the corridor is placed on the left side of the facade.  The windows have adjustable slats shutters and wide framing. Attic roof, with the ridge parallel to the facade, exhibits high three ridged skylights.

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