Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Şelarilor Street

Important objectives of this street:
Şelarilor Street

Old names:

1640 Ihm der Nunnengasse
1751 Nonnengasse
1833 Franziskanergasse
1935 Franciscanilor
1947 Bela Breiner
1970 Şelarilor

Str. Şelarilor

No. 2, Şelarilor Street

19th century; 20th century
This is a corner building formed of a basement and a ground floor, its façade presenting six lines towards Şelarilor Street and seven lines towards Filarmonicii Street. The windows have frameworks with eclectic decorations in the superior half. The attic is decorated on the corner with vegetal motifs. The abrupt, two-ridged roof has a crest parallel to the facades.

Str. Şelarilor

No. 5, Şelarilor Street

the end of the 18th century – the beginning of the 19th century
The building is formed of a basement, the ground floor and the first floor. The windows have a framework and adjustable slats shutters. It has a profiled gutter and a ridged roof with a crest parallel to the façade and two eye-shaped skylights.

Str. Şelarilor

No. 10, Şelarilor Street

18th century
The building is formed of a basement, a ground floor and the first floor. The façade is structured on five lines. At the ground floor, on the left hand side, we note the windows with adjustable slat shutters. At the first floor the windows are traditional. 

The building was used as a hospital for the elderly.

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