Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Tg. Peştelui Street

Important objectives of this street:
Strada Tg. Peştelui

Old names:

Rosen Anger

Strada Tg. Peştelui

Târgul Peştelui 1

18th century
The house consists of six buildings, two of which have the short sides to the street. The building on the right has three windows with external wooden Venetian shutters. A wall enclosure toped by tiles and an arched gate connects the two wings at the street.
Between the two world wars a bakery functioned in this house.

Strada Tg. Peştelui

Târgul Peştelui 9

XVIIIth century; end of XIXth century.
Building with ground floor and first floor, with four windows at the ground floor and six windows at the first floor, all with exterior wooden Venetian shutters.
Rectangular gateway opens to the courtyard, with wood gate made of board and batter.
The saddle roof with the ridge parallel to the street has three eyebrow dormer windows.
Between 1835 and 1918 in this building lived Alexandru Lebu, cultural and political activist for the rights of the Romanians in Transylvania and founder of a cultural foundation.

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