Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Xenopol Street

Important objectives of this street:
Strada Xenopol

Old names:

1631 Kleine Wehrgass
1751 Kleine Zwerchgasse
1845 Kleine Quergasse
1853 Gewehrgasse
1875 Brukenthalgasse
1947 Xenopol

Strada Xenopol

No. 8, Xenopol Street

19th century
The building has the longer wing looking onto the street. The house shares a land parcel with the edifice at no. 13, Mitropoliei Street, displaying four-line facades. The ridged roof has a crest parallel to the street and two eye-shaped skylights.

Strada Xenopol

No. 11, Xenopol Street

18th-19th century
Two bodies looking onto to the street joined by a protected basket handle arched gate. The body on the right preserves the Baroque decorations and traditional woodwork at the front.

Strada Xenopol

No. 20, Xenopol Street

19th century
A massive building formed of a basement, a ground floor and two superior floors. The main façade has three sections, each displaying four lines, the middle one being the tallest. The windows have shutters with adjustable slats. The arched portal preserves the original wooden gate with a metallic triforium.

It served as the offices of the Prosecution at the end of the 19th century.

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