Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Dogarilor Street

Old names:

1751 Kotzengasse
1845 Pakrutzengasse
1872 Bindergasse
1947 Dogarilor

Dogarilor Street
Main objectives from Dogarilor Street
Dogarilor Street

Dogarilor 1

18th century
The building with basement, ground floor and mansard is placed at the crossroad with a short façade towards Croitorilor st, the long one towards Masarilor st and another short façade to Dogarilor st. The latter façade has half hip gable and two windows. The four windows at the ground floor have exterior wooden Venetian shutters. The roof is half hipped with the ridge parallel to Masarilor st and two eyebrow dormer windows on that slope.

Dogarilor Street

Dogarilor 3

18th century – beginning of 20th century.
The building with basement and ground floor, has six axes on the street facade, windows with wooden Venetian and panel shutters. To the right a rectangular entrance with gate opens into the courtyard. The roof is a combination of hip to hip and gabled and has four eyebrow dormer windows on the street slope.

Dogarilor Street

Dogarilor 5

18th century
House of rural type, with two windows to the street and half hip gable with two niches, Baroque bargeband and cartouche. The roof is half hipped with the ridge perpendicular to the street.

Dogarilor Street

Dogarilor 9

Second half of19th century.
Building at the intersection with Târgu Peştelui st. On Dogarilor st there are four windows and a semicircular arch gate.

The building has housed the restaurant of Martin Hartmann since 1900, then in the interwar period we find here the Mercur Knitting Factory.

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