Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Felinarului Street

Old names:

1751 Unter der Neustift
1837 Laterngasse (between Avram Iancu Street and Movilei Street, Untere Neugasse (from Movilei Street to 9 Mai Street)

Felinarului Street
Main objectives from Felinarului Street
Felinarului Street

Felinarului 9

Last quarter of XVIIIth century – first quarter of XIXth century.
House of rural type, façade with two window axes. The windows are enframed with moldings. The street façade has along its leghth a stucco cornice protected with tiles and is topped by a triangular gable with two windows (one very small). Shed roof with broken pitch. The windows have exterior wooden Venetian shutters. On the left, there is a wall enclosure protected with tiles with wooden gates that open in a passageway and a small courtyard.

Felinarului Street

Felinarului 10

1800 - before 1875; third quarter of XXth century.
House with basement and ground floor, with three windows axes.
The windows are enframed with moldings, with exterior wooden Venetian shutters.
Hip to hip roof with one eyebrow dormer window on each slope.

Felinarului Street

Felinarului 11

Last quarter XVIIIth century; first quarter XIXth century.
Building with ground and first floor, with the short façade to the street, two window axes. The windows have exterior wooden Venetian shutters, at the first floor moulded enframings. On the façade there is a console wrought iron street lamp, dating from the first decade of the XXth century, one of the oldest preserved in town.

Felinarului Street

Felinarului 14

First quarter XIXth century; second quarter – third quarter XIXth century.
House of rural type with shorter façade to the street. The façade has two window axes and is flanqued by cantons and topped by a tiles protected cornice and a half hip gable with oval niche.
The roof is half hip gabled with the ridge perpendicular on the street and two slopes. To the right there is a wall enclosure topped with tiles and a semicircular arch gate.

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