Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


Şcolii Passage

Old names:

1743 Auf dem Stupchen
1872 Schullergasse
1947 Pasajul Şcolii (School Passage)

Şcolii Passage
Main objectives from Şcolii Passage
Şcolii Passage

No. 2, Şcolii Passage

18th century
The building with basement, ground floor and first floor has the short façade towards Avram Iancu st, four rows of windows and, on the left side, a basket handle arch opening into the passageway. The curb roof has three pitched dormer windows with wooden Venetian shutters. On the wall, a marble plate dating back from 1954 states that “In this building lived and created one of Romania’s most admired composers - Gheorghe Dima (1847-1925)”.
Gheorghe Dima was a professor at the Andrean Seminary and conductor of the German men’s choir in Sibiu. He lived in this house between 1881 and 1899.
In 1790 the building belonged to the merchant Andreas Hessheimer. At the ground floor it housed the shop of musical instruments of Georg Adelbobinger.

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