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No. 1, Arhivelor Street




The building was erected by architect W. Josef  Bedeus next to the house at no. 7, in the Large Square. Built in the architectural style which is characteristic for Art 1900, the building presents an ample central jutty supported by two massive columns and a richly ornamented façade. The roof presents rectangular skylights with triangular pediments and is covered with a two-ridged roof.

Special elements:

- The staircase present the original metal fittings in the Art 1900 style (1914)


The old building has the same address as the house at no. 7, in the Large Square and hosted the Army Headquarters until1892, when it moved on Nicolae Balcescu Street. The Evangelic Boarding House for apprentices moved here in 1895.
In 1925 the Chamber of Commerce and Occupations opened its offices here and will remain at this address until 1933.



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