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No. 11,Faurului Street


18th century; 19th century

Ground floor and upper floor building, having the rectangular gate of the corridor on the right side. On the upper floor the four windows have rectangular frames with the cornice sustained by Vitruvian scroll consoles and rectangular frames past the parapets. The  ridged high roof with the comb paralel to the facade presents two skylights roofed through down-grade.

- On the upper floor of the aisle  inside the yard there is a Gothic inscription, enclosed in a baroque scroll: “Wer den Herren fürchtet, der hat eine sichere Festung; und seine Kinder werden auch beschirmet. PROVERB CAP. XIV V. 26” (The one who has God’s fear will have a fortress, for sure, and his children will be in safe)

A funeral home was set up here.