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No. 19, Faurului Street


1628; 18th century


A building with five aisles, the two towards the street being placed in a yard made of two linked parcels. The medieval roof of the right sided aisle is a two ridged high one with the comb parallel to the facade and two eye skylights.


A Hebrew document found in the wall of an upper floor room indicates the fact that it was built in 1628 and it says that here was a guild’s head office.

’’Tinda Thomas” Restaurant opened on the 31st of January 1926 had a dining hall, a pub, a ballroom. It was big enough for 1000 persons.
On the 14th of June 1928 ’’Tinda Thomas” Restaurant is reopened, its owner being Rudolf FWnk.

On the left side of the yard, on the 9th of December 1933, ’’Roxy” Cinema is opened in the same place where ’’Thomas”’s ballroom had been before. In 1938 it became ’’Rio” Cinema.
The entrance was through the corridor on the left side of the building. After the war both the building and the cinema became the army’s. During the 50s, after the nationalization both the building and the cinema became the state’s and the name changes into ’’Arta” Cinema. It had 420 seats.
During the 70s the cinema is closed because it didn’t seem to be rewarding.