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No. 1, Gheorghe Lazăr Street


Gheorghe Lazar High School


The monumental building hosting the Gheorghe Lazar High School, with its entrance from Gheorghe Lazar Street, was built in an eclectic style for the Hungarian State Gymnasium. The ground floor is adorned with horizontal bossages. The wide pedestrian access shaped like a semi-circular arch is situated in the center being used to enter in the building’s lobby by means of a flight of stairs.
The profiled gutter is interrupted at the center by an attic with the shape of a staggered pediment, crowned by a triangular pediment in which a wide skylight was embedded.

Special elements:

- The façade is richly decorated, the windows being framed by an embossed framework with a central medallion, small denticle-shaped consoles, a shell, the obelisk with a shape of a truncated pyramid with a globe, a volute etc.
- The attic with skylights at the corner with Gheorghe Magheru Street showing a stone carved mask on each side;
- The plate marking 300 years of existence of this high school was installed in 1992


The building was inaugurated on March 23rd, 1899. Starting with 1919 it is known under the name of Gheorghe Lazar High School.
The Pedagogical Seminar of the University in Cluj, the Application High School in Cluj as well as the archives of a series of high schools in Ardeal moved here during the war.