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No. 2, Al. Odobescu Street




The building on a sloping land presents two different facades: towards ’’Odobescu” Street there is a ground and an upper floor and on the other side (’’Mos Ion Roata” Street) it has a ground floor and three upper floors. On the upper floor there are semicircular arched windows with a rampant parapet. On the ground floor there are doric buttresses and on the upper floor composite capitals buttresses. There is a four ridged roof with three semicircular skylights made of plate. Inside: An interior corridor on the upper floor, opened towards the central hall with baluster parapet, above which there are grooved doric columns.

Special elements:

The first yard in Sibiu covered with glass and metal


A building built by Carl Heinrich Eder (born in Sibiu) for “The Primary Evangelic School” for boys (Evangelisch Knabenelementarschule A.B.). During the inter-war period it became a Secondary School. In 1957 “The Arts School” is set up. Since 1964 it was called “The Music Highschool” and since 1965 ‘’The Music and Plastic Arts Highschool”.