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No. 9, Al. Papiu Ilarian Street




It is a massive building formed of a basement, a ground floor, two floors and a partial attic, built on the former location of four older buildings, after the opening of this street towards Cetăţii Street. The building has an opening towards three streets: Papiu Ilarian, Cetăţii and Tipografilor. The main façade is that looking onto Papiu Ilarian Street. The two-ridged roof has a crest parallel to the façade and presents oval eye-shaped skylights.

Special elements:

- The façade is rich in decorative elements. The gate framework stands out, being formed of an arched brow supported by two lateral plasters styled in the art of the 1900s.
- The access staircase preserves its original ironware (1903)
- The plate on the building mentions that  “Poet and playwright Radu Stanca lived in this house between 1920 and 1962”


The building was erected by the Hermannstadter Sparkasse Bank as a bank and dwellings for rent.
This building hosted poet Radu Stanca in the period during which he lived in Sibiu.