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No. 5, Huet Square


1779 – 1781


Today's Samuel von Brukenthal College building was built by master Franz Burger between 1779-1781. The building's finishing lasted until 1786. It is a baroque building on three levels, with central entrance. It was built on the site of an old school that was documentary attested in the fourteenth century. On the ground floor there are two rooms preserved from the old school that have medieval and cross vaults. The roof has four slopes. The facade towards the old city hall has some buttresses for consolidation.

Special architectural elements:

- The portal stone with the inscription “Eruditioni virtutia exemplis sacra” and the door decorated in baroque motifs;
- Ground floor corridor paved with natural stone and barrel vaults with penetrations;
- Festive hall decorated in stucco ceiling;
- Scale of honor in the main hall with baroque stucco decorated ceiling;
- Inscription “SALVETE DII SCHOLARVM PATRONI” located in the central hall;
- Baroque chimneys (3);
- Wind flag on the roof;


In 1783, the school is visited by Emperor Joseph II. On February 25, 1917 in the auditorium gymnasium the official opening ceremony of the Brukenthal Museum takes places; between 1944-1946, the Red Army used the school building as a military hospital. In 1982, scenes from the "plecarea Vasinilor" movie are filmed here and directed by Mircea Dragan.

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