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No. 10, Andrei Saguna Street


The building which hosts the Institution of the Prefect today dates from the year 1880 when it was built by contractor Franz Szallay. In 1884 the building was extended.
In 1919, the building received its present day use, as the offices of the County Prefecture. A number of 19 prefects were appointed until 1948, six military men and twelve doctors.
During the communist period, the building hosted the offices of the Court House and starting with 1992 it became again the offices of the Prefecture.

Here are a few of the most important events which took place on the Large Event Hall of the Prefecture:

July 29th, 1919 – The opening of the meeting of the Great Romanian Council
December 12th, 1929 - The Congress of the Primary School Teachers in the county of Sibiu
January 15th, 1939 - The Grand Literature Social Soiré entitled “The Literary Universe” organized by a group called Thesis
September 8th – 9th, 1940 - The General Assembly of ASTRA