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No. 4, Tg. Vinului Street


XVth – XVIth century; end of XIXth century

Building with floor and first floor, with the short façade towards the street, with three windows axes and two wooden panel shop windows at the ground floor.
The first floor windows have moulded enframing and exterior wooden Venetian shutters. The hip to hip roof has three high slopes, the one to the street with a shed dormer. The back façade still has a Gothic gable.

At the end of the XIXth century the building housed a wine shop then, until the First World War the shop of Friedrich Homm, the merchant who in 1872 opened “the first dairy factory producing sheep cheese in the entire Transylvania”.
In October 1927 in the building it eas opened the Leda Paints and Laquer Store of Leda Factory (Timişoara).