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No. 15, Tribunei Street




The building is formed of a basement, a ground floor and is two floors high, sharing the same parcel with the house at no. 14, on I. Lupaş Street. The façade is richly decorated with embedded bossages, rectangular frameworks composed of curbed pediments and vegetal festoons. The symmetry is accentuated by the curbed segments pediment, in the Neo-Renaissance style, decorated with vegetal elements, by an ample shell and an urn at the superior side. The ridged gabled roof presents an accent in the shape of a truncated pyramid which highlights the central element.


The building was used by the “Typografia” Association which owned a printing house, a book store and the editorial offices of newspaper Tribuna.
Tribuna moved its offices here at the beginning of 1896 and will remain here until April 28th, 1903 when the last edition of the newspaper was issued. The editorial offices of newspaper Foaia Poporului (The People’s Sheet) were also hosted by this building.

Some say that, while being students at the Gh. Lazar High School, Octavian Goga, Ioan Lupas and Aurel Vlaicu used to visit the editorial offices of Tribuna every day, in order to receive a free copy of the newspaper.