Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


No. 5, Magheru Street

No. 5, Magheru Street

15th century; 18th century

The house is formed of a basement, the ground floor and the first floor. The façade is structured on five lines and centrally, at the ground floor, it displays a semi-circular stone framework portal. The ridged roof has a crest parallel to the façade and displays three eye-shaped skylights. The semi-cylindrical arched passageway displays penetrations. The ceiling on the first floor has baroque plastering and woodwork.


Mona @ 15/05/2016, 14:42
Chiriasii ILL au cumparat de buna credinta casele de la statul roman.
Apoi forumul german(prin subterpusi de prin arhivele statului si cartea funciara) au revendicat si 'luat' casa.
Cine-i hotul?
georg @ 31/08/2014, 19:21
cred ca a fost exact invers, chiriasii ILL au furat-o fara nici un drept, dupa care ...
Dorina @ 21/11/2013, 18:52
A fost cumparata de fostii chriasi ILL apoi furata de Forumul german..
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