Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


No. 5, Plopilor Street

Important objectives of this street:
No. 5, Plopilor Street

Ground floor and upper floor building, which displays a symmetrical facade organized on three bays, with two windows, it has an axis semicircular gang portal. High, four ridged roof, with the ridge parallel to the facade, displays two ridged eye skylights.

Medieval doors are kept and stone slabs pavement.
Two traditional, very high chimneys.

After 1885 the owner was Karl F. Wachsmann who had an Industrial and Agricultural Machines Factory in backyard, and a showroom towards the street. The factory was established in 1883. During the inter-war period here was Fritz Wachsmann’s workshop.


mb @ 16/02/2015, 8:37
In articol scrie ca "Fabrica a fost înfiinţată în 1883" iar casa la sfarsitul sec. XIX. Sunt doua lucruri diferite, fabrica se afla in corpul spre str. Vopsitorilor
adela @ 15/02/2015, 19:11
Pe unul din hornurile casei din imagine, este gravat anul 1897....pana la urma, de cand dateaza casa ? Din 1883 sau 1897 ? Sunt totusi 14 ani diferenta....
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