Sibiu's historical and architectural heritage


No. 17, Turnului Street

No. 17, Turnului Street



Ground floor and upper floor building,it displays ten windows upstairs (with traditional joinery) and nine downstairs. High, ridged roof with the ridge parallel to the street,  with two eye skylights on two registers and two partly Baroque chimneys. The corridorand another room downstairs are semicyllindrical, vaulted with penetrations. 


It  operated as a prison until the completion of the construction of the prison behind the Court of Law.
After 1911 the building was the office of numerous organizations like: the Social Nursery for Childcare, the United Union Headquarters and also of the peasant workers union and the Human Rights League. Also here was the Workers Sports Club and in 1924 here was established the UTC county organization.
In the ‘80s here operated a furniture factory.


mb @ 28/05/2015, 16:23
If your ancestors were imprisoned during the period you mentioned then yes, this could be the place.
Before that, the main prison of the city was in the Town Hall (current Altemberger House)
The first known prison in Sibiu was in the basement of the first Town Hall, near the Ratsturm.
Rodney Hofer @ 26/05/2015, 21:54
My ancestors were Anabaptists and imprisoned in the peniteniary in Hermannstadt from 1757-1772. Would this have been the prison? Other ancestors were impisoned in the town hall. I assume this to be the Ratsturm. Can you confirm?
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