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    Photo: Focus Sibiu

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    Painting by Franz Neuhauser, 1808

History in brief

A short history of Sibiu.

Sibiu/Hermannstadt, since 1191

Descover the historical and architectural heritage of an European City.

With a historical heritage of over 900 years, Sibiu can be called the city with the richest historical and architectural heritage in Romania

Sibiu, the city of firsts
Sibiu, the city of firsts

From the first school, the first museum and to the first city in Romania awarded 3 Michelin stars, Sibiu is the city with the most national or even world premieres in Romania

Sibiu Fortress
Sibiu Fortress

Sibiu has been the largest fortified fortress in this part of Europe for hundreds of years

Historical Maps
Historical Maps

8 historical maps from 1699 to the interwar period.