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Sport in Sibiu: 1845-1945


1845 The first School of Gymnastics (Turnschule) was opened;
1862 The Association for Physical Education was founded;
1876 On December 13 the Ice Skating Association (Eislaufverein) was founded and on 23 December 1877 the first ice skating rink of Sibiu was opened in the Flora Park. The rink functioned every winter till 1936;
1886 A Cycling Club was founded and one year later the Cycling Association "Şoimii" appeared;
1892 On December 6 people skied for the first time in Sibiu – in the fields around the village of Poplaca;
1904 In December the Municipality opened The Neptun Baths, the first indoor public swimming pool and baths of the town. The same month was organised the first swimming contest in Sibiu;
1920 The teacher Wilhelm Binder at the Brukenthal Highschool introduced handball as mandatory sport in Physical Education classes. The summer of that year Binder had seen handball games and demonstrations in Berlin and München, organized by professor Karl Schelentz of the Faculty of Physical Education in Berlin, who contributed to writing the rules of modern handball;
1921 The first athletics competition takes place in the Big Square (Piata Mare);

A demonstrative handball game takes place on the town’s stadium on June 17, during the school ending festivities. The players were the Brukenthal High School pupils of Wilhelm Binder, who was the referee of the game. The first official handball game in Romania introduced also the first handball referee and trainer in our country.
1922 On May 3rd “a superb demonstration of a handball match between high school pupils takes place on the Central Stadium in front of 2000 spectators as part of the May popular festivities”. The game organized by Wilhelm Binder created a great enthusiasm among the people in the stadium then in the whole town.
1925 On January 25 the Sports Association Şoimii of Sibiu organized the first ice hockey match;

The town built the Stadium for Physical Education in a location adjoining the Sub Arini Park; later it was called the Municipal Stadium;
1926 One side of the seating blocks of the Stadium for Physical Education was roofed;

Sibiu hosted the first High School Handball Championship with weekly stages, dedicated to pupils in the 5th to 8th grade (today 9th to 12th);
1927 On June 1st the new sports field near the Military School (de inot?) was inaugurated. The town donated ground totalling 4,5 acres for the sports field;
1928 Wilhelm Binder organized in Sibiu the first handball referee course. Eight candidates enrolled in it, only two graduated;
1929 The first ski school was opened in Răşinari while organized skating became permanent;
1930 The football team Şoimii of the Gymnastics and Sports Society Şoimii reached the final of the Cup of Romania. The success was repeated in 1931;
1931 The Handball Comission of Sibiu organized the Championship of Transilvania in which took part teams form Sibiu, Braşov, Bistriţa and Reghin. This was the first handball championship in România.
1932 The football team Şoimii Sibiu played in the first Football Championship of Romania. Two years later they fell in the second league;
1933 The first national handball competition was organized by expanding the existing Championship of Transilvania;
1935 The first international handball match in Romania: a student team from München defeats the team of Hermannstädter Turn Verein 8 - 9;

The Sports Association Şoimii Carpaţilor built a 2500 m long ski slope on Guşteriţa Hill;

Car race Rallye of Sibiu on August 3rd;

The 3rd Cycling Tour of Romania went through Sibiu;


The town built the public outdoor swimming pool. “The strand” consisted of an olympic size pool (long course) with springboards at 1 and 3 m and platforms at 5 and 10 m, a children pool and other equipments. After 1949 the public pool was renamed C.S.M. (Workers Sports’Club);


Sibiu was the host of the first winter indoor handball tournament (teams of 7), in which 8 teams participated: 6 from Sibiu and 2 from Mediaş;


1937 July 31st: Rallye of Sibiu;


The Sports Club "Şoimii Carpaţilor" of Sibiu created its ice hockey hochei team;


1939 September 2nd and 3rd – Women Athletics Naţional Championships on ANEF Stadium;

1943 Şoimii Sports Society reappeared;
1949 The football team Şoimii Sibiu entered the first league of the Romanian Football Championship.