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Milestones in Sibiu history

  • The first hospital in Romania

  • The first regulation of guilds in Romania is elaborated in Sibiu

  • The first documented school in Romania

  • The first pharmacy in Romania opens in Sibiu

  • The first printing house in Transylvania is attested and the second oldest in the present territory of Romania;

  • The first book in Romanian is printed here.

  • Conrad Haas tested in Sibiu the first multistage rocket in the world

  • The first brewery in Romania opens in Sibiu

  • Franz Joseph Müller von Reichenstein discovers in Sibiu the chemical element called Tellurium

  • The future "Andrei Saguna" Theology Faculty is founded in Sibiu, the first institution of this kind in the country

  • The first Theatre Hall is inaugurated in Sibiu

  • The first book of Romanian medicine is published in Sibiu by Ioan Piuariu Molnar;

  • The Brukenthal Museum, the first museum in Romania and South-Eastern Europe

  • The first issue of Telegraful Roman, the oldest publication in South-Eastern Europe with an uninterrupted publishing

  • Liars Bridge is the first iron cast bridge in Romania

  • The first psychiatric hospital in Romania and South-Eastern Europe is opened in Sibiu

  • The Association Library, the first Romanian public library in Transylvania is founded in Sibiu

  • Albina Bank is establisched in Sibiu, the first bank with an entirely Romanian capital in Romania

  • The first machine tools factory in Transylvania opens in Sibiu.

  • The first spring factory in Romania is founded in Sibiu

  • Paltinis becomes the first mountain resort in Romania

  • The Museum of Natural History is opened in the first building in Romania built with the purpose of hosting a museum.

  • The first scales factory in Romania opens in Sibiu.

  • The first Romanian Encyclopedia is published in Sibiu

  • Sibiu is the first city in Transylvania to introduce in use a track free, elctrical means of transportation, the omnibus, the ancestor of the trolleybus

  • The Public Bath is opens, the first spa in Romania

  • The first handball match and the first handball team in Romania;

  • The National Archive in Sibiu moves into the first edifice in the country built to safe keep and preserve the archive heritage

  • The first Zoo Garden in Romania opens in Sibiu

  • "Junii Sibiului' is founded, the oldest folkloric dance enssemble in Romania.

  • The first museum of universal ethnography in Romania opens in Sibiu

  • Sibiu is the first city in Romania to obtain the title of European Capital of Culture.

  • Sibiu is the first city in Romania to be awarded 3 Michelin stars.

  • Klaus Iohannis was elected the President of Romania, being the first German ethnic head of state.

  • Sibiu is the European Gastronomic Region in 2019, the first city in Romania to obtain this title.

  • Sibiu is the first city in Romania to host a high-level meeting of European heads of state.