The Catholic Church: Timeline

The Catholic Church: Timeline
1726 The construction of the church begins on July 4th;
1733 The Transylvanian Bishop Gregor von Sorger consecrates the church on September 13th;
1738 The tower, 47 m high, is finished;
1748 The funeral monument of general Count Otto Ferdinand Traum of Abensberg is installed inside, on the South side;
1777 Anton Steinwald finishes the painting of Mary and Jesus child which decorates the main altar;
1838 The tower clock is installed;
1860 A new organ is bought from Karl Hesse in Viena;
1901 The church has stained glass windows made in Budapest and they are installed, three on each side of the nave;
1904 The German Ludwig Kandler paints the nave of the church;
1910 The church is illuminated for the first time with electricity on Christmas Eve;
1916 The church bells are confiscated and melt by the German army;
1927 The old turret on the ridge of the roof is replaced with a cross. Works take place in June;
1931 New bells are cast, installed and consecrated on March 29th;
1971 Church restauration works begin. They will last till 1975. The cross on the roof is replaced with a lantern tower;
1978 Restauration of the interior paiting;
2007 The funerary urns and caskets in the basement ossuary are moved to the cemetery. The basement is transformed into a cultural center;