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No. 1, Nicolae Balcescu Street


end of 19-th Century


A ground floor and two floors building. Along with two other buildings they form two courtyards.
The eclectic facade is divided into eleven axes with two access corridors. 

The commemorative plaque on the building refers to Tribuna newspaper, which had its first office here between the years 1884-1889 and whose editor was the famous Romanian poet George Cosbuc “In this place was Tribuna newspaper’s editorial and among its editors was, between 1887-1889, the famous Romanian poet George Cosbuc”


In the old building Ioan Slavici’s Tribuna had its first office between 1884-1889.
Here was the office of the largest insurance bank from Transylvania, opened in 1868.
In the building behind building no 3 was, since 1900, Emil Fischer’s photographic studio.