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No. 15, Nicolae Balcescu Street




A ground floor and two upper floors house, located at the corner of Balcescu and Al. Papiu Ilarian Streets. The short side is on Balcescu,followed by nine axes on Al. Papiu Ilarian. The corner is beveled. 
The ridged roof, with a parallel ridge to the street, has pronounced eaves,sustained by coils. 

Special elements:

- Decorated first floor window frames (solbanc supported on consoles, splined pilasters, volute instead of capital)
- The semicircular balcony supported on volutes, with the original hardware specific for  Art Deco (after 1920)


The merchant Ilie Floasiu bought the building from Karoline Seiverth after the First World War and opened on October 5th 1920 the drapery and colonial store. In  the interwar period, this was the largest Romanian store from Transylvania!