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No. 25, Nicolae Bălcescu Street


18th century, 19yh century

Basement, ground floor and two upper floors monumental building.
The main building has a three axes facade, on the right,an axis formed from double glazing floors and on the ground floor, a semicircular arch portal. 
Above an entablement supported by Corinthian capitals, follow the two floors with rectengular windows.  Soffit eaves, decorated in relief, shallow pitch roof with two eye skylights.

- The arches on the ground floor with two putti  that flank a wide arch key and the decorative elements of the gateway
- The facade with the balcony on the right, the frames of the windows with two splined jambs and triangular pediments supported by capitals, on the first floor

In 1880 here is opened the first showroom of the Vogelsang textile factory