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No. 30, Nicolae Bălcescu Street


end of the 19th century


Basement, ground floor and upper floor massive building; it displays a five- axes symmetrical  facade. The shop windows downstairs have a semi-circle upper part. The rigded, flat roof, with the ridge parallel to the street. Fretted entrance gate.

Special elements:

- The access corridor has massive beams supported on pilasters,with Corinthian capitals,among which there are profiled frames;
- The semi-cylindrical staircase, displays some niches decorated with statues and richly decorated wrought iron railing (the end of the 19th century
- The flowing supported on consoles, made of cast iron, in a Neogothical style;
- The Neoclassical facade, richly decorated with stucco on Corinthian capitals


The house was built at the end of the 19th century by Gustav Reissenberger who owned a shop on the “Small Square” no.1
It will remain under the property of Reissenberger family untilthe nationalization