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No. 37, Nicolae Bălcescu Street


15th-20th century;


The first floor is structured on five axes with three central windows, surmonted by rays, semicircular rears, carried out of relief by plaster.in the middle there is an access door to the outside balcony, stretched to the entire width of the facade. The railing has the features of thelast quarter of the 19th century, with neoclassical elements.

On the extremities, the buiding is equipped with three-sides bowwindows. The eaves is pronounced, the ridged roof, with a less accentuated slope and two vaulted skylights.


Building constructed in several stages;the basement is from the 15th century, the ground floor from the 18th century, the first floor and the present form of the facade from 1912.
In the 20th century, the ground floor and the basement are radically changed.
Josef Schuster founded in 1835 his first sporting goods store from primul Sibiu which will operate at this addresss since 1912 and until the nationalization.