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No. 31-33, Ocnei Street



House built in 1921 by the Romanian Bank, intended to be a factory.
The former Herma shoe factory, closed at the end of the ’30s. On September 1st 1923 the showroom of the factory is opened on the ground floor. l
The building was bought  in November 1941 by the Cluj University which opens here a student hostel for boys with a buttery.
Since November 1945 here moved the Sibiu Social Security House, and since 1948 the Independenta Factory’ s Vocational School for Appretinces.
Since 1960, the school receives the name Independenta High School, and during1971-1989 it functioned under the name of the “Mechanic High School no.1” and “Independenta High School”. It worked like this until after 1989. After 1989 the school goes back to the old name.



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