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No. 6, Tg. Peştelui Street


Beginning of XXth century.

The rectangular building with short façade to the street has to the left a double door with semicircular overlight opening on a gangway. The two shop windows are united by a woodwork enframing making a shopfront. The windows at the first floor have wide plaster enframing united with the plaster parapets and are slightly displaced  regarding the ground floor windows. In the second window axe on the left there is a bay with three narrow windows. The saddle roof has the ridge parallel to the street and an eyebrow dormer window.

The building was owned by Gheorghe Ileseanu who had a restaurant here.
After October 1938 the building housedthe  Restaurant Moldova, to be changed one year later with the canteen restaurant La Calul Bălan (At The White Horse).