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Strada Nicolae Bălcescu




Old names:
1875 Heltauergasse
1917 Franz Josefgasse
1919 Regina Maria
1947 I.V. Stalin
1970 Nicolae Bălcescu

The line of this street was set up in 1492 when it was called Platea Heltensis.
The majority of the houses found here is from the second half of the 19-th century and they are built in a provincial baroque style or the eclectic architectural style.
The houses are located with the short side to the street, the access being provided through massive gates and vaulted corridors, which lead to inner courtyards, enclosed on all sides.
Today it is a pedestrian only shopping street lined with impressive buildings in Renaissance style. It connects the Large Square with the Unirii Square.

1633 A strong fire is mentioned on this street
1762 The street is partly paved
1765 A pipe fountain is mentioned
1775 The street is entirely paved (using river rocks)
1857 the city buys Wayda House to extend “Imparatul Romanilor” Hotel
1875 the street is paved using granite
In the middle of the 19th century the sidewalk was arranged

Strada Nicolae Bălcescu