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Str. Ocnei



Useful Information:

Old names:
1598 Unterhalb der Lugen Pruk
1751 Unter der Lugenbrucke (din piaţa Mică până la Piaţa Dragoner) Burgergasse (până la capăt)
1875 Burgergasse
1947 Karl Marx
1990 Ocnei

Strada Ocnei, was connecting the Poarta Ocnei (currently the Independenta factory) and  Piata Mica, it was a major through are even since the middle ages
2  houses on the east side ( a fragment), 4  houses on the west side keep certain medieval elements from the 15th – 17th centuries
In 1747 a pipe fountain is placed at  Dragoner.

Strada Ocnei