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No. 12, Avram Iancu Street


18th century


Rectangular building, basement, ground floor and upper floor, from which a patio was cliped.the generally Baroque facade exhibits five axes upstairs, and four downstairs. Attic, ridged roof, with the ridge parallel to the facade and two eye skylights; vintage chimneys.

Special elements:

    The arch access corridor with double ceiling arches;
 The gate leaves decorated with relievo geometrical elements and floral light openers (19th century)
 Ceiling decorated with Baroque stucco in the downstairs’ rooms;
 The wooden flowing with wrought-iron railings, supported by metal consoles;


In the 19th century, the house belonged to the evangelical priest Wilhelm Wagner, and after his death, to his followers. After the First World War, it is bought by Albert Ganther who opens a restaurant.