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No. 24, Avram Iancu Street


The building has the exit on Avram Iancu and G-ral Magheru Streets, having, consquently two facades. To Avram Iancu Street,the facade of the floor is structured on six axes, and on the ground floor, on five, an axis corresponding to the gate’s corridor.
Ridged roof, with the roof parallel to the street, five eye skylights. To  Magheru Street, the five axes facade is decorated with square boxes. All the windows are protected by shutters with adjustable slats. 

The access gate to the corridor is decorated with square and rectangular boxes (the 19th century)

The house was bought in the middle of the 19th century by Friedrich Baumann who changed it to the present shape. It will remain under the property of the Baumann family until the nationalization.



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