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No. 18, Magheru Street


18th century – the beginning of the 19th century


The façade looking onto the street presents four lines. The windows at the first floor preserve the traditional woodwork and display a framework with splayed superior corners. The building has a profiled gutter and a ridged roof with a crest parallel to the façade.

The arched passageway of the gate displays a framework decorated with lambrequins and a blazon representing a lyre and geometrical signs (1925)


In 1925 the building was purchased by the Reunion of Young German Craftsmen which installs its offices here. Later on it hosted the Society of Young German Craftsmen.
The ELITE dance hall functioned at the ground floor of the body at the back of the building, having a capacity of 300-400 places. The Sonic rock band held concerts here in the 70’s.