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No. 14, Small Square


XV-XVIth century, the end of the XVIII century


The trapezoidal building with basement, ground level and floor, and a small yard towards the Huet Square has the main frontage towards the Small Square on 4 axis with semicircular archways. On the floor the traditional windows are enframed with simple cornices. The access in the basement is made from a loggia through a wooden door .
The high roof  is four sided  with the ridge perpendicular on the two frontages and it has a complex geometry. Towards the Small Square it presents  two dormer windows covered through slope breaking. More traditional chimneys are preserved, one of them, with a round section being of Gothic facture. The vaulted basement preserves a Gothic ancadrament with flattened edges.

Special architectural elements:

- The room towards the Grivitei square , a former laundry, has mural paintings covered with paint
- There is an opened  loggia formed of 3 vaulted bays towards the Small Square


The loggia in the basement had been closed from the end of the XIXth century to 1962 when the  square loggias were restaurated



  • Plan parter, perioada interbelica