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No. 23, Small Square


the XV-XVIth centuries partially modified in 1750-1800. It presents the traces of a defense tower which belonged to the third defense wall of the town , the XIIIth century


The building is made up of three parts. The main building is made up of  basement, ground level and floor with a wing in the street, 6 axis in the floor and 5 axis in the ground level.  The mansarded roof is two sided  with the ridge parallel with the frontage, flattened in the lateral and with four eye dormer windows.  The basement is totally semicylindrical vaulted with penetrations and double archways. The ground level is vaulted in a cross shape with baroque decorations. The frontages towards the yard have windows with stone ancadraments and baroque mortar with widened corners and a central element with vegetal forms. The long side towards the yard has a cursive at the ground level which makes the connection with the squared tower in the back of the parcel. Having three levels the tower was transformed in a house during the baroque period . By the tower there used to be a passage towards the house in the Aurarilor Square nr. 5.

Special architectural elements:

-The access door in the basement in the Renaissance style
-The frontages towards the yard with stone ancadraments and baroque decorations
-The tower transformed in a house during the baroque period


The defense tower linked to this house belonged to the third  defense wall of the town. It was placed outside the fortress. The tower is made of 4 levels. It is connected through a corridor to the house  nr. 23, in  the Small Square. From the ground level of the house through a corridor one can get to the tower mansard. From the mansard there is a staircase leading to the 2nd and 1st floor. The entrance in the ground level is made through the backdoor.  The roof is not original, in its original shape the tower ‘s roof was a pyramidal square.