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No. 6, Small Square


the XIXth century, fragments from the XVth century


The actual building has been built in the XIXth century on the place of an old building dating in the XVth century which preserves old wall fragments in the southern side and which are integrated in the new building.
Building, ground level, two levels and a partial basement  presenting a simple  rectangular plan oriented with the narrow frontages towards the two squares. In the inside the ground level rooms from the Grivitei Square have vaults with penetrations and cylindrical vaults in the basement. The frontage has been modified in 1928.
The three   sided gabled roof  oriented towards the frontage. The semicilyndric vaulted basements on two levels have fragments of the former building wall.


The house has been the property of Fam. Schafer since the XIXth century



  • Plan parter, perioada interbelica