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No. 8, Small Square


the XVIth  end of the XVIIth century ( the floor)


The house is made up of basement, ground level and two levels, in a rectangular shape with the short sides towards the two squares. The street frontage measures only 5.50-5.80m. The semicylindric vaulted basement incorporates fragments of the first fortified building. The tenants indicate that it had been existed a second basement. The two sided roof with the ridge parallel with the frontages has a dormer window toward the two orientations.

Special architectural elements:

-The eave with curbed profile is unique in Sibiu;
-The windows with baroque ancadraments and widened corners, the parapets decorated with elements from the same period;
- The window carpentry with shutters with adjustable slaths from the interwar period.


The building was built a little bit later than the other stone houses, in the beginning of the XVIth century. It initially had had two levels , the second floor being added in the XVII century. In the ground level there was a shop, the first shop opened here belonging to Georg Marko.



  • Plan parter, perioada interbelica