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No. 10, Small Square


XV-XVIth century; 1930-1940


The house is unfolded on a rectangular plan with the short sides towards the two squares is made of basement, ground level, two levels and a mansard roofed.
The two sides roof with the ridge parallel with the frontages presents four dormer windows made up in two sides. The basement preserves medieval elements.

Special architectural elements:

The frontage toward the Small Square supported on thick stone piles with archaic profiles


The second floor and the mansard date back in the 4th decade of the XXth century.
It had been the head office of the Hermanstadter Vorschuss –verein Credit Association founded in 1864, until the last decade of the XIXth century when it moved to Mitropoliei Street. In the interwar period it had been the head office of the Mediesana Bank and after 1949 Cooperativa de Consum Unirea was installed here.

The building was in the property of the Sparkassa Bank.



  • Plan parter, perioada interbelica