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No. 6, Turnului Street


14th century, 1704


The access to the courtyard is made through a lateral, semi cylindrical vaulted, covered corridor. Building made up of ground floor and a slope floor, so that at the floor’s level one can enter through the first access platform towards Huet Square through a rectangular door. On the door’s left, there are five windows with adjustable slats shutters. Ridged roof, the ridge parallel to the facade, three flat rectangular covered skylights. A few medieval or baroque chimneys are still kept. 

Special elements:

- Above the corridor, there is the monogram badge MW and dated since 1704.
- On the no.4 building’s turbot stands the old roof’s mark with a level pinion (14th century)


It is known that this house was donated by the king Carol 3rd , Maria Tereza’s father to a merchant Martin Wankel, in 1704.
Together with this donation, because of the multiple services to the King, the merchant was made a Baron.
The former stalls and the back servants’ houses were transformed in 1938 into houses.



  • Plan parter, perioada interbelica